Alfaa College Infrastructure

College Campus

The Institute has excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology such as Computer Lab, Fully Equipped Kitchens, Food Science Lab, Bakery & Confectionery, Mock-Bar, Training Guest Room, Training Restaurants, Library, Reading Room, Recreation Room, Recreation Center, Conference Rooms and Banquet Halls.

Training Kitchens

Training Kitchens at Alfaa Catering College are basically classified under three heads: 1. Basic Training kitchen (BTK) 2. Quantity Training kitchen (QTK) 3. Advanced Training kitchen (ATK)

Basic Training Kitchen (BTK)


The fresher are Given an in depth theoretical and practical knowledge. In the BTK the first year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in this field. Continental cuisines are practiced by the students and thus they get to learn international cooking traits and art.

Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK)

The QTK prepares and moulds the students to face the challenges of cooking for large groups and catering the wide variety of people representing different culinary zones of India. In the QTK the students are put to an arduous journey on the Indian spice trail so that justice is done to the various preparation methods of a variety of delicacies.

Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK)

The ATK is where the budding professionals are fine polished to prove their mettle in the industry. Here students are given training in planning and preparation of Indian, Oriental and Western cuisines.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab is well equipped with the latest systems. Advanced software’s are loaded. Students can make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the current trend in the industry. The students are divided into batches and are allotted individual time to work on the computer. Extra computer time as required is also offered. Exhaustive collection of books and magazines on computers are available to help the students to keep track of latest trends in Information technology. Most of the topics are taught on-line systematically in clear and simple style. The Syllabus is framed in such a way that the students will have the competence in the application & use of Word processor, Spreadsheet and Database management to support the procedures and management information requirement of a hotel. At the end of the course, the student will be capable of executing the main procedures in typical systems of the Hotel Management Package.

Other Facilities

The Institute has bus facilities, change-rooms with industrial lockers, facilities for indoor games, sickroom with first aid facilities and regular medical check up. Due opportunities are provided to the deserving students to promote their cultural talents.

Bakery and Confectionery

Bakery and Confectionery department trains the student in the art of making various types of Breads, Confectioneries like Pudding, Cakes, Ice Creams etc. to make them adept in this field.

Transport Facility

department trains the student in the art of making various types of Breads, Confectioneries like Pudding, Cakes, Ice Creams etc. to make them adept in this field.

alfaa college bus facility

Hostel Facility

alfaa college hostel facility

Exclusive hostel facility is available for boys. Hostel Facility can be arranged for girls in exclusive reputed hostels.

Training Restaurant and Mockbar

Cooking with wine, flaming with brandy and rum are no more an incident but a regular happening here. Getting ready for various occasions from presidential gathering to marriages and fast food service to spirits, champagne and cocktails are a part of the daily routine to make the student perfect and smoothen out the rough edges to make them perfect professionals.

Intern-ship Training

During the second year of the course, the students are sent for 12 weeks industrial exposure training, which has been a pre requisite in various leading Star Hotels in India and overseas.

Library and Reading Room

A well stocked library with more than 1500 titles international books and reading room where various vernacular and foreign language dailies, periodicals and journals are available. The Library supports the teaching and research programmes. A large number of VCDs ,CDs DVDs on the subject of Hospital Management and Culinary arts are avilable. Various news papers and magazines are also subscribed to the library. New internship CDs supplied by Star Hotels are also used effectively for grooming the students to become perfect professionals.